New product: masonry mounts!

Partex Marking Systems AB (Sweden) is from today selling masonry mounts. These high quality masonry mounts are made from Black Nylon 6.6* and are designed to secure cable ties directly to holes drilled in solid surfaces.

*Nylon 6.6 is a tough, relatively strong material, which possesses good fatigue resistance, low coefficient of friction, good thermal stability and low flammability. It is noted for its resistance to chemicals, especially hydrocarbons and greases. Partex masonry mounts are manufactured from black material which is resistant to UV radiation, and are therefore suitable for exposure to sunlight and exterior weather conditions.

Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
Fixing hole depth: 38.0 mm

PKB-MM6 Masonry Mounts, MAx. cable tie width: 9mm, Hole size:6mm
PKB-MM7 Masonry Mounts, MAx. cable tie width: 9mm, Hole size:7mm

Supplied in bags of 100.


Mounts are tapped into a pre drilled hole in a solid wall or post and a cable tie is threaded through the head

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New product metal detectable cable ties!

New products to our range of cable tie. From now on Partex Marking Systems AB (Sweden) are selling metal detectable cable ties.
This nylon cable tie have metal content spread throughout which make it possible to track the cable ties by standard metal detectors. Blue colour assists in visual detection and reduces the risk of contamination. The product is recommended for use in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Metal detectable cable ties are available in four sizes.
Width=3,5 mm x Length=140 mm
Width=4,5 mm x Length=200 mm
Width=4,5 mm x Length=280 mm
Width=4,5 mm x Length=380 mm


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S radostí vám představujeme náš kompletní produktový katalog 2015.

Katalog si můžete stáhnout ve formátu .pdf do svého počítače nebo požádat o tištěnou verzi naše zaměstnance. 

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New products: PKS10PWS-GUN1 and PKB-TT1

We are launching two new products.

Automatic wire stripper and cutter for leads from 0.2mm² to 6.0mm².
Removes isolation automatically.


Cable tie tool for cable ties with width 2.2 to 4.8mm.


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New improved PT+

As of 1st of january 2015 PT+02 and PT+10 will have a new improved (larger) pocket. The improvement ensures a better fit of our PP+ and PFC-products in the PT+ sleeve. The change applies to all PT+02 and PT+10 articles.
The change will not affect article number, packaging units or price of the products.

Articles affected by product improvement  are as follows PT+02012A, PT+02015A, PT+02018A, PT+02021A, PT+02030A, PT+02030K, PT+10012A, PT+10015A, PT+10018A, PT+10021A, PT+10030A, PT+10030K

Nová tiskárna EOS1

Partex uvádí novou stolní tiskárnu CAB EOS1

Tiskárna má vysokou rychlost tisku a je kompatibilní s produktovým programem Partex ProSleeve. Pro tisk se použijí stejné barvicí pásky jako do tiskáren MK10 a MK10-DH. 

Popisovač se dodává bez stříhací jednotky. Takže pro Partex kontinuální materiály doporučujeme tiskárnu T-800. EOS1 je nicméně kompatibilní se softwarem WinSign a může vytisknout dělící znaménko v místě předpokládaného řezu. 

EOS1 má USB připojení k PC.

Kontaktujte nás pro více informací.